LSS has organized a demo workshop to showcase Miele solution for petroleum industry in LSS Demo Lab last Friday, 23 Aug. Our customers were presented with a detailed workflow handling oil contaminants in various glassware, like volumetric flasks, beakers, conical flasks, etc. There was a hands-on session to showcase Miele washer PG 8593 in-action. The long history and continual advancement in Miele washing technology were indeed an eye-opener to everyone.

Miele Demo Workshop program highlights:
-Introduction to Automated Glassware Washing
-Features of Miele Glassware Washers and New Easyload Accessories
-Solution for Cleaning Glassware with Oil Contamination
-Demo Session with the PG8593 Washer
-Refreshment + Q&A Session

Visit this website to find out more about Miele PG 8593 washer with drying function:[WW_AD]