LSS is honoured to be one of the exhibitors in the recent SSMS Day on 15 Aug, organized by Singapore Society of Mass Spectrometry. Great learning experience with the large crowd of mass spectrometry experts and stakeholders during the scientific presentations. Improved ruggedness for omics application with Trapped Ion-Mobility Spectrometer (tims-TOF) for a MALDI-guided omics workflow was presented by Bruker during the conference.

Many analytical life science products were showcased at our booth and received great response, including Bruker timsTOF flex, Evosep proteomic nano-LC, PreOmics proteomics sample preparation kits and robotic technology, Restek chromatography consumables, Knauer FPLC and Vilber chemiluminescence imaging system. 7-flavoured potong ice cream distribution and the presence of whole LSS sales team have added more “flavours” to the conference!

Visit SSMS Website to find out more about SSMS Day 2019: