In the age of electric vehicles, the testing of batteries and other energy storage devices is more important than ever. Major automotive manufacturers such as VW and BMW are setting up their own test centers for this purpose. These centers must in turn be equipped with products that, above all else, feature one thing: a safety concept.


BINDER produces battery test chambers that meet this brief perfectly. From May onward, the Tuttlingen-based global market leader's portfolio will include the battery test chamber with package S. These chambers feature a sophisticated safety concept and also meet the requirements of EUCAR Hazard Level 6. Harald Schädler, Head of Product Management, had this to say about the launch: “We are constantly expanding our product range in the field of battery testing. This chamber features additional high-quality standard components, but also leaves enough scope for customer-specific requirements which can be implemented via BINDER INDIVIDUAL.”


So what exactly does the chamber have to offer? The new LIT chamber features package S, which covers the previous packages A and P and also provides sophisticated, high-quality safety functions. In this configuration, the chamber is equipped with four detectors which are operated via a separate controller and which measure the atmosphere in the chamber interior to determine the oxygen, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and temperature levels. If the cell experiences a fault and the adjustable threshold values are exceeded, the chamber responds promptly and activates its safety concept. For example, the CO2 tank mounted on the side can be used to flush the interior and bring a cell fire under control. An exhaust air flap is also provided for this purpose. The LIT also offers the option of inertization using nitrogen, which may or may not be used depending on the application in question.


As battery testing applications often vary significantly, BINDER also offers individual customization options for this model which are implemented via BINDER INDIVIDUAL. The temperature range set for these chambers is generally minus 20°C to plus 60°C. The LIT is also fully compliant with the following standards: UN 38.3, IEC 62660-1, IEC 62660-2, IEC 62660-3, IEC 62619, IEC 62620, ISO 12405-4. If you are looking for a versatile, reliable, high-performance battery test chamber, this product is the perfect solution.